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Cultivating Premium Cannabis Strains at Cannabangka Farm
Cultivating Premium Cannabis Strains at Cannabangka Farm

We combine scientific precision with a passion for excellence to offer you the finest cannabis experience.

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Online 1,500 / PAX
Walk-In 1,800 / PAX

Our commitment to delivering superior cannabis products begins with our state-of-the-art, pesticide-free farm conveniently located in the heart of Bangkok.

Within our expansive 400-square-meter indoor growing facility, we employ advanced technologies and equipment that guarantee a consistent supply of fresh and exceptional quality products. With the capacity to nurture up to 500 plants simultaneously, we maintain strict standards to ensure optimal growth conditions.

From the very beginning, our carefully selected seeds are cultivated in a meticulously controlled environment. Equipped with automated fertigation and climate control systems, our temperature-controlled rooms create an ideal setting for each plant's development. These seeds are sourced exclusively from certified international seed banks, guaranteeing their authenticity and genetic superiority.

By implementing a comprehensive traceability system, we prioritize transparency and accountability. Every step of the cultivation process is carefully monitored, allowing us to confidently trace the journey of our homegrown products from inception to fruition.

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